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Safety Inspection and Certification


Safety should always be the first consideration for any event. Any kind of accident, even if it is minor, will remain in peoples minds long after the rest of the day is forgotten. Serious accidents, although rare, bring serious consequences from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and may lead to prosecution, fines and even prison for organisers. It is therefore essential that your equipment, installaton and safety arrangements meet the statutory requirements. Fixed installations in public buildings (Pubs, Clubs, Theatres etc.) have their own requirements policed by Local Authority licencing. Temporary locations tend to carry higher risks and have a whole British Standard to themselves for Electrical Installation (BS7909)! Fixed installations are covered by BS7671 (The Wiring Regulations), and Part P of the Building Regulations. There is of course a paper trail to certify compliance and therefore responsibility for safety to the competent Inspector. Zawadi provides a full service of inspection and test from our Chartered Engineers, allowing you to sleep well and providing safe conditions to your workers and visitors. It is usually a condition of events insurance that all installations are under the control of a competent person, and that test and inspection certificates have been obtained.


Many events have temporary supports for lighting, drapes, screens, sound equipment, and scenery. It is essential thaty these are sufficiently strong to withstand the unexpected, particularly if outside. There are several videos on YouTube of events being severely damaged by wind, although they "look" to be similar to other installations. In particular, wind loads on sheeted temporary structures (eg. stages and tents) can be very large, typically many tonnes! Overhead structures and suspensions need to be designed so that no single failure will cause danger to those underneath, have a satisfactory factor of safety (usually 5 times the static load), and are free from failure due to heat (lights can melt slings and span sets), and other risks. Theatre sets and drapes need to be essentially fireproof. Our Chartered Engineers can provide structural calculations and inspect installations for safety, again providing the essential inspection certificates to add to your risk assessment for the event.


Sound can be dangerous too, powerful PA systems can generate sound levels that can damage hearing quite quickly, and close to loudspeakers it may be almost instant. This is why we do not "dry hire" concert type equipment, and our staff will always have the sound level measuring equipment to keep exposure safe. An average level of 92dB "A weighted" for a two hour event sounds very loud but is at the occupational exposure level which is considered safe. Typical concert systems generate 40,000 times this acoustic power level (140dB) at 1 meter distance, giving an appreciation of the danger!

There are many other acoustic measurements which are usefull in design of sound installations rather than for safety, reverberation times and frequency responses being the principal common requirements. These form the basis for acoustic correction of buildings, please ask for more information.