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The Event Facilities Company, now in Bristol

Small Event

Typically smaller events are like the one shown below. This one has childrens orchestal playing in a large tent, never an easy venue. Sound reinforcement using studio microphones and Electrovoice PA gave superb results, which were recorded for the parents to have a souvenier of the event. Background music was provided for the gaps in performance (chamber music), and resulted in a letter of thanks from the school head. The overall cost was very modest, and rebooking has followed for other events. Our charge for this kind of event can be as little as £200 with an Engineer, very similar to dry hire from many other suppliers. Why take a risk, you have our guarantee of a successful result!


Tent Mixer


tent reinforcement


Shown above:

AKG C3000 microphones

AKG S300 microphones

Electrovoice SX300 with Z184

Soundcraft Spirit Live 16 / snake etc

QSC Amplifiers RMX2450 (x2)

Sony DAT recorder / CD Player / Zoom Fx unit

Trantec Radio Mic (SM58 capsule)