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We can repair almost any equipment which you may have and can either provide an estimate or a firm quote for the job, the difference being that you or we accept the risk of undisclosed difficulties! We are happy to work on an open ended arrangement, keeping you informed of cost as often as you wish.

We can repair just about any sound equipment from any manufacturer, including microphones, Electrical equipment such as cables, distrbution equipment, plugs and sockets, dimmers, control boards etc. We repair all kinds of lanterns from the humble Strand patt 23 to HMI and xenon invertor types, including mechanical repairs and aluminium welding. The only difficulty which sometimes occurs is obtaining spare parts for items which the manufacturer considers obselete, and in this case can fit alternatives which are obtainable. Older software based products sometimes loose their programmes from the memories, and in this case we will try and find scapped similar items for spares, or copy the contents of another identical units memory.

After repair all items are inspected for electrical safety and a certificate issued. Most repairs can be returned with a couple of days unless external delays for parts take over. We will of course keep you informed of the estimated delivery date.

We have a speciallist service to convert analogue controlled dimmers to DMX, please ring David for a chat if this is of interest. Avolites, zero 88 and Strand dimmers are reasonably cost effective to convert, the dimming performance is unchanged.