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Larger events have bigger venues and more space, or even outsde so all the facilities need a much bigger scale. Below is a small part of an Electrovoice Concert speaker system ready for outdoor dancing on a space of about one hectare. 100dB "A" weighted SPL was achieved over the majority of the area, and it was loud enough for everyone to become involved. After the professional demonstrations hundreds joined in to try their own interpretations!

Indoors a typical large hotel ballroom needs a similar system for music reproduction and reinforcement of live bands. Quality is vital as is continuous monitoring of the sound level to protect the hearing of the crowd. Our Electrovoice equipment has both quality and enormous acoustic output (about 2.5 kW continuous acoustc output, or three horsepower in the air), competing wth other lesser manufacturers equipment with electrical outputs in the 50 -100kW range! Its quality is truly high fidelity, and we often use it for orchestra and classical music reinforcement with excellent client and musician feedback. We have extensive support structures and flying equipment to put the sound in the right place, and the directivity allows us to overcome many acoustic difficulties with venues. An Engineer alway accompanies such systems to ensure perfect results and to control the sound level to safe levels, complying with venue licencing regulations. Calibrated Castle test equipment is alwas on hand to give traceable results to officials who may visit.

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