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AV Installation


Typically we provide simulated finished views of possible configurations such as those below with quotes, and may produce many more during discussions. They allow one to make rational judgements of effectiveness and visual impact, and provide more certainty that a chosen solution is going to work in practice. Once the final design is chosen, we warranty that the installation will look and work as shown in the picture, so they are important to you! The large screen shown here with a very bright image in this bright building is technically and financially beyond reach without fitting electrically operated blinds to all the windows, but other less reputable companies had provided quotes for installation. Unfortunately they did not come with a guarantee either so great care is needed in both system and contractor selection.

It is essential to consider ambient light levels and contrast ratios, reflected ambient light levels and viewing distance and subtended angles before any projection is contemplated, and the necessary measurements and drawings made. This is all contained within our free quotation and design service, and is why we can offer our total satisfaction guarantee. We know that our solution will be satisfactory and back this up in writing.

Church Proj


big screen


small screen




Sound Installation

Again it is essential to collect all possible information about the building, particularly the acoustic measurement data, and absorbtions, reflection data, occupancy levels, expected useage (speech or high level music for example), and differing configuration of the audience and sound sources. The design process may well include acoustic modelling, and the results of this may suggest that acoustic correction (with absorbers or diffusers) will improve the audience experience, and we will offer suggestions and design specifications. This work will be carried out free of charge, but covered by a strict non-disclosure agreement which is fully legally binding and subject to full compensation should the design be passed to another contractor for installation. We believe in high ethical standards in business, and uphold them also expecting others to do the same. We would then present the design to you, and are quite prepared to discuss your ideas, answer any questions and provide authoratitive answers backed by our guarantee.