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Corporate events



In general we do not provide catering, but can organise anything that you need! Perhaps you don't have a detailed plan for your event? We can help!


A chat to staff by the CEO can have much more impact if the environment creates a little excitement. Nothing is more demotivating than a badly written speech, read from the back of an envelope, in a quiet voice so that most of the audience cannot hear, saying nothing that is new!



Add some projected video showing the concept being discussed, be it economic, quality, customer service or whatever.

Add a speech written by a professional writer to get your message properly explained.

Have an Autoscript prompter so that the audience can see you, and you can see them.

Do not use a tired Powerpoint presentation, probably just repeating the words on the slide. Let us help to make a dynamic and interesting background for you primary message, the speech!

Set the scene with some lighting to concentrate interest where you want it, and to cover up the parts you don't want. Even if the venue is the canteen, it is surprising what can be done.

If the venue is big, have some projected live TV so that the speaker can be seen, again focus the interest where you want it.

Questions? You need to get the questions onto the PA so that they can be heard. You have seen it on TV (Question Time), we can do it for you! Radio Mics, booms, TV if you wish, and skilled staff to make your question and answer session relevant and involving.


Something else

A panel discussion, with multiple speakers in a large hall. How do you make this really involving?


Again the session needs careful planning to introduce the subject matter at the right level to the whole audience. Remember some may know the content already, to others it may be completely new. A video clip is often a good introduction, it makes the subject much closer and more real, it engages the mind.

The chairman needs an exact agenda and a clock. It is so easy to be distracted or to allow one point to dominate the discussion. He must work hard to discuss all the points to be raised in the available time. This is easier if there is something which can be used to introduce each point, perhaps another short video clip. Have a look at a BBC panel discussion or current affairs programme such as Breakfast. How do the pictures and sound convey so much information in one or two minutes per item? How is the interest maintained?


On the day you need an excellent and skilled operator to bring all the components together, equipment which gives exemplary results and technical design which makes the best of the venue. Zawadi provides all of these as standard, we take pride in the result which you achieve!