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Hi, I'm friendly, just pick up the phone 07578997199.

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We are offering a special free no obligation consultancy at the moment. We will come to your sound system, measure and report on performance, and talk to you about anything sound, answer any technical questions you may have, demonstrate how to overcome your problems, and share a coffee if you wish! If you would like to try out some equipment which you don't have please mention it before the visit and I'll try to bring it for you to try with the rest of your system. You can ask for microphones, Electrovoice speakers (not the concert stuff, unless you provide the crew to move and install it, weight at least one tonne!), feedback destroyers, outboard of various types, mixers from Soundcraft and Alesis etc. We can measure pretty much anything and have evaluation material to try. If you want to mic up a live band for a tryout, that too is possible!