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This is the place to take your music up a big notch, record your tracks, get the finest sound available, make your gig really stand out, and get experienced help to get ahead of the crowd. Getting the right sound is not easy, and can spoil an otherwise excellent event. We carry out medium scale PA and location recording (including video if you wish) of live events, have full post production facilities and guarantee our results.

We use the finest equipment available from Electrovoice, Midas, AKG, Shure and the other big names in the sound world. Our highly qualified and experienced staff are musicians first, and we understand your needs and those of your listeners.

Contact David Stone for a discussion of your requirements, a demonstration disk or a live taste of great sound!

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Zawadi Ltd, 165 Wellington Hill West, Bristol BS9 4QW  



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Our studio is available for hire, to record or just practice. There is a 24 track spirit studio desk, Tascam 24 bit digital recording, 16 channels of Alesis computer recording and editing and a skilled Engineer on hand to help record, mix, edit, master and generally produce you a good recording. If you just want to practice it is cheaper, but as an inducement to try and emulate Urban Scarecrow and Platinum, we will record your session and play it back for you on a concert PA system, and allow you to compare yourselves with any CDs you care to bring along!

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Of course we do lighting too, and have everything you need for that show or gig, including a 60kVA silent generator. So in a field somewhere you can have your own festival, and if you want 3 stages and 100,000 people, we know what to do, and can manage the whole thing with our partners.



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TEL 0777559814 anytime