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Zawadi Sound and lighting are here to here to help make your event the best anyone has ever seen. We work in several different areas of the industry, and deal with customers in several markets, please follow the links below to find assistance.




Equipment hire

without an operator

(dry hire).

Small events, such as pub band gigs, parties, weddings, fetes.

Corporate support

for conferences,


product launches.

Large events such

as live music concerts,

picnics, outdoor theatre

with perhaps a few

thousand people.

Broadcast facilities for

programme makers,

location recording,

OB lighting,

post production,

packages (including video)

Audio and video

installations to the

highest standard with

a no quibble guarantee

of performance

Equipment repair and certification

Testing, EICRs

to BS7671, BS7909

See our advice service in action at the IET

Contact David Stone for a chat, or to arrange for

a free apraisal of your installed sound system

Scenic and set design

and construction,

for theatre,

corporate and television.

The place where Problems become Opportunities



We have a specific interest in difficult acoustic environments, such as churches, and advise on acoustic correction and improvement, so there is no need to ever hear "I couldn't hear properly" ever again. If you have a problem we can solve it, and will work to do the best possible within your budget.

We will provide design and installation advice, provide a demonstration of our design in your premises with the equipment specified (or where this is not possible, something with similar performance), provide exemplary installations and project management, liase with external authorities such as the DAC, and produce full documentation prior and post installation. To go with this we provide a full, no quibble, guarantee if the installation fails to meet our agreed specification, with all your money back if you are disatisfied in any way. (we have offered this for 25 years and so far it has cost us nothing, because we are honest, ethical and fair and know exactly what we are doing, and we have done some very challenging jobs where others have gone before and failed completely.).


We provide the same service for lighting, projection and AV installation should you need these, again consultative project specification, demonstration, installation upon agreement and money back guarantee. If you think this all sounds to be too good to be true, ask for some references to visit, and understand that ethical companies still do exist, whose primary concern is not making a fast buck but is spreading happiness as far as possible. If you want to discuss the technical issues in the finest detail, please do, it's a pleasure to explain exactly why some things work and why others do not. Understanding why is fundamental to making good decisions. We can measure everything from frequency response to integibility index, lighting intensity, ambient light and projected contrast ratios, giving us firm numbers to work from in a solid engineering way. Far too many competitors walk in, say "you need X and Y and Z" and walk out. Do they know what they are saying? Simply no, they have no care of the outcome, they just want the money. BTW all our pre-sale design, measurement and advice is free. There is a charge once we are in discussion with authorities, dealing with legal matters, providing statutory paperwork etc, but then the charges are fair and the guarantee applies if our work is rejected due to our error or incompetence. Our people have to live!


To support these we have full repair facilities for any audio or lighting equipment (and will repair anythig as far as you wish to pay!), dimmers, control, luminaires, microphones, cables, amplifiers, speakers, whatever. Estimates and quotes are available so that you stay in control of costs, and warranties are available. We will test and certify you equipment and installations, and provide full BS7909 and BS7671 compliance and certificates to keep you and your event safe, and your insurers happy.. All events are supervised by Davd Stone, BSc CEng, MIET, MIEE who will provide advice on safety, rigging and equipment selection.


To see what quality advice you may get, why not look at the IET wiring regulations website where advice on the wiring regulations is available free, to test David Stone out (Davezawadi - user name and our wizard logo!)


Follow the links to pages which describe your requirement, or email or ring for something not described but you need. We will always do our best to provide exactly your requirements, however difficult. Very short notice or emergencies can be managed so communicate!


Our older website pages can be found here, along with more pictures here.